Relais Victoria is on Via Francigena

Relais Victoria is on  Via Francigena

That of the Via Francigena, is most famous walks and pilgrimage in Europe. Via Francigena from Canterbury (England) led to Rome is a journey of history, a major route which in the past by thousands of pilgrims traveling to Rome. Via Francigena crosses Europe, from Canterbury, runs through the county of Kent, comes to the English Channel, continues along the French regions of Nord Pas de Calais, Picardie, Champagne-Ardenne Franche-Comté, crossing the border of Switzerland and the canton of Vaud, in Italy, it runs through the regions: Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Lazio. By lucky chance  Relais Victoria is on Via Francigena where many pilgrims stop in overnight with us. We are lucky to know so many nice people that run and that, with their stories, tell us a bit ‘of them, of the personal motivations that drive them and impressions. They are always different stories to each other because each one faces his own personal journey and spiritual in his own way. so we discover a new world and always different depending on the person that is told. Relais Victoria is on Via Francigena to host the pilgrims who, tired of the daily journey, and with the evening approaching, they want to unwind with a hot meal and a comfortable bed. This path unites everyone, people of culture and social grade different, united by the same passion, the same effort faced with the same humility and desire to get to the next stop, perhaps even spiritual. Relais Victoria is on  Via Francigena, where we have the good fortune to entertain us and talk to our pilgrims guests, the evening after dinner is a little ‘together drinking good wine or relax with a good grappa and then go to sleep because tomorrow they waits with another fabulous step in this beautiful walk. Relais Victoria is on  Via Francigena, which is why we have decided that, at the start, our pilgrims Guests will have a small gift basket food that can be consumed during the morning walk and, if they wish, can have their stamp their travel diary . Relais Victoria is on  Via Francigena, and we welcome all the pilgrims who stay here with us …

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