Holy Easter at the Relais Victoria

Holy Easter at the Relais Victoria.

Also this year we have experienced a Santa peaceful Easter and in the company of nice people who have spent their holidays here at Relais Victoria. The climate did not promise clear weather but the desire to relax and have fun of our guests, it was stronger. In fact, the positivity was so much to influence even the less optimistic forecasts and ensure that even the weather became nice, giving us some beautiful sunny days with clear skies and calm, The Holy Easter at Relais Victoria gave us a breeze that blew light scattering everywhere the smells and the air a promise that spring is approaching. In the gardens the birds busy to have fun flying from tree to tree, were  soundtrack to so much serenity. Holy Easter at Relais Victoria this year brought the scent of delicious desserts made by us. In this mild climate, our guests have awakened, also attracted by good smells coming from  breakfast room. Give our guests the opportunity to start on Sunday of the Holy Easter at the Relais Victoria enjoying a good breakfast, with real Pastiera Napoletana from the original recipe of my paternal grandmother Anna Macciocca, dating back to the early dell’900 and that we pass down from generation to generation in the family . It ‘been a source  pride for us to feel their warm appreciation and  many compliments. The Easter Monday at breakfast we serve  delicious and soft dove Pasquale,  typical sweet Italian  Easter, made by us with scents of orange, almonds and sugar to cover. Holy Easter at Relais Victoria was enjoying the looks of our guests, over breakfast, they came out to the gardens to breathe that so pleasantly scented flowers from  first, you could see that they were full of contentment to be right there in that moment with the sun and with those sounds so natural, pleasantly relaxed by  stream that flows and  background chorus of the birds. Allowing himself sat drinking a coffee in  sun’s rays, so pleasant in this season. Finally organize themselves to an enjoyable day on trip to our beautiful city of Lucca, which, in these times especially, offers  unique display of colors and fragrances that can be found everywhere, on walls in the city and all around. Here, the Holy Easter at Relais Victoria was all this. Thank you all for being here with us, the next ….